Sunday, December 14, 2008


It is 7:30 am and there is some martial theme blaring down the street from our hotel. We've been up for 90 minutes at least - thanks in part to the expectoration rituals of somebody in the next room.

Today we head to Ha Long Bay, for the honeymoon part of our honeymoon. A romantic ocean setting dotted with sights of wonder. The day will feature a boat cruise, sunset, leisure, kayaking, complimentary wine, and, AND no hiking. Just the day Nadine has been looking forward to. And I start things off by locking her in the hotel room. (Insert evil cackle and twirl of mustache here.) We just happen to have one of those doors that needs to be locked and unlocked from both sides and I took the key with me to check on reservations for Cambodia. When we get there Wednesday we will be staying at that bastion of Khmer culture Molly Malone's. Surrealist updates will be coming soon with a plate of fish and chips.