Sunday, August 21, 2005

Halfway mark

Today marks two full weeks in Tehran and I think my eighth class, hmmm yes, my eighth class with the students. From here in I have two more days this week, then four days off to visit Isfahan, then my last six days will be interrupted by the regular Thursday-Friday weekend here. I was reading for most of the day yesterday and came across the line, "The best part about traveling is going home." Indeed.

I've never been one, for one strange reason or another, to become homesick and my trip so far has been very enjoyable and too busy to even think about home. Still I miss peeking in my mailbox as I come in the door and checking to see if there are any phone calls, things that just don't happen when you're half a world away in a hotel. Little things, but a reminder that one is connected to a place.

I continue to get a taste of the city though and last night went to a park near my hotel, which also happened to be near Khomeini's old home. Finished the night off with an Italian dinner and felt refreshed for the brief week ahead.