Saturday, August 27, 2005

Random thoughts II

Found a badly named product yesterday - Barf Detergent. I'm not kidding, I have proof. The Farsi word for snow.

The children have been eager to try out their English but can't get past "Hello."

The chador doesn't seem as austere and oppressive when it billows above Chuck Taylor's and Levi's, is worn during badminton or is seen astride a motorcycle zigzagging through traffic.

Almost bought a carpet but had second thoughts. Had third thoughts when someone asked, "How many of your friends are going to ask, 'You went to Iran and you didn't buy a carpet!?!'"
Any of you planning to say that upon my return can let me know now.

Esfahan is amazing. It would be beyond that if it were 10 degrees cooler. I'll have to visit in April.

Ah, the English teacher. Before I crossed any items off my souvenir list I stop at a bookstore and buy... textbooks. Yes textbooks. Before anyone goes on about where my head might be, they were new and about $5 total.