Thursday, August 18, 2005

Laundry in the Time of Cholera

The hotel informed me yesterday that they can no longer wash my socks or underwear. After two weeks of clean jocks and socks, suddenly, "No." The first inclination is to take it personally, but before the end of the day I learned that it is in part because of concerns about some water-borne illness. I'm not sure how I might be further tainting the city water supply, especially when my first alternative is to scrub them myself at the bathroom sink or buy enough to get me through the rest of my stay.

Broke out the camera and the wallet for a few items. Went to one shop to look at some enamelled copper wear. I wasready to make a purchase up until the salesman hauled out his keys to start showing how scratch resistant the item was. Just a bit too much like a Ronco commercial so I'll buy it somewhere else.

Best of all, a full-night's sleep. Eight hours. Count 'em!