Sunday, August 14, 2005

Random thoughts

Just giving folks a break from the verbal diarrhea.

As for... you know, my stomach has been fine.

Forget pepper, I'm hooked on sumac. (a spice)

Hot but not too hot. It's a dry heat.

(No not smack, sumac!)

My driver yesterday was listening to rap.

Think I ought to burn a disc of music and say "Here" to the next driver with a CD player.

The food has been good.

A fresh plate of fruit in my room at the end of everyday. More than I can eat.

(Yes, my stomach is fine.)

Very often there is a little icon at the bottom of the computer screen that suggests somebody is monitoring my use.

Students taping my class. Hmm.

My laundry was dry cleaned. All of it, even the Bauer Hockey T-shirt that usually sits on the side of my tub in scummy heap after a trip to the gym. It looks like new.