Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Passport in hand, but...

Well things are looking a bit more official now. My passport has just been delivered with my Iranian visa inside. I have little idea what any of it says but it certainly makes things feel that much more certain about things. I'll be jetting off tomorrow or perhaps Friday if the scheduling does not quite jell with the airline. The suitcase is filling up and I've crossed that bizarre item, "Burn writing" off my to do list. Not that I was planning to destroy all my writing, just putting them onto a disc in case the old lap top take one bang too many in transit. I've loaded up on film, poured over the curriculum I have to teach and paced around as I try to absorb what I'm actually getting myself in for.
After yesterday's crash in Toronto I promise you that I will keep my seat belt on and remain in my seat until the plane comes to a complete and full stop at the terminal.

The phone just rang. The flights are full, so I have to wait one more day.