Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Language lesson

I climbed four flights of stairs to and from my hotel room because there was a wet paint sign on the elevator door.

Someone suggested we go out for a drink tonight... of pomegranate juice.

The newspaper reports that there are 810 reported cases of cholera in the city at the moment.

Not one of my better days in school today and for the sake of discretion I'll leave it at that.

The evening went much better as I had another evening out with my students. This evening it was a restaurant near one of the Shah's palaces, the one that the taxi drivers pointed out to me every morning. Live music was the highlight with a wonderful mix of instruments that made me think about all of the culture that moved up an down the Silk Road a thousand years ago. One in particular, a four-stringed cousin of the violin which reminded me of a similar three-stringer from China. The music itself very pleasant to listen to and a few vocalists joined in during the evening, one of them singing music that sounded a bit like Japanese enka and made me wonder how close these cultures are despite the distances between them.

It was interesting as well to see waterpipes on the tables and younger women smoking without any inhibition whatsoever.